Planning a Trip to Haima

Planning a Trip to Haima

Haima is a small fishing village on the east coast of Oman. It is situated in a strategic point on the Gulf of Oman, where the Straits of Oman meet the Arabian Sea. Haima is Oman’s largest city and a resort town. It is located on a peninsula in the western part of Oman, its two main seaports being Muscat and Taif.

Trip to Haima

The resorts of Haima are well developed with many hotels, resorts and guest houses. They offer facilities like internet cafes and restaurants. Some of them also have a small shopping mall. A trip to the markets will give you an idea of the food, handicrafts and other items that are for sale in the area.

The resorts and hotels of Haima are mostly full during the summer months of June until September. However, during the months of October and November, they are somewhat less crowded. In the months of December and January, the island becomes extremely crowded as the Omani population rush to get out from the cold winter season. The peak tourist season for the resort starts in April and ends in June.

Before you travel to the island, you should determine your budget for your trip to Haima. There are many things that you can do in Omani money, but most of them require an external finance. A trip to the resort is more expensive than a leisurely stroll around the shores of Taif or Muscat. Therefore, you should prepare a small amount of cash in advance if you plan to travel with family or friends. If you have already prepared a substantial savings, then you can start looking for flights to Muscat or Taif and book a hotel room or resort room in order to save some money on your trip.

You should also get your passport and travel related documents in advance. These include all the required paperwork like health insurance, work permit, contact information and passport photos. You can apply online for your passport or for a work permit. If you are not a legal resident of Oman, you will be required to obtain a visa prior to travelling to the Sultanate. Once these documents are ready, you should visit an Omani embassy to apply for a visa.

If you have planned well before your trip, there is no need for you to worry about your luggage. It is wise to check in advance whether your passport, airline tickets and related documents are ready. If you have planned your trip carefully, you can go through the pre-tour checklist in your planning phase and book your hotel rooms and other accommodation beforehand. Doing so will prevent a last minute panic and disappointment when you reach Haima.