Trekking To Loyangalani

Trekking To Loyangalani

Trip to Loyangalani

Trekking To Loyangalani

One of the most popular destinations of eastern Kenya is the town of Loyangalani, situated in the Great Rift Valley. It is the administrative headquarters of Kenyan Sahel and Kenya Wildlife Service and is also the headquarters of the Kenya National Parks and Kichwa Forests. The lake and surrounding areas are very famous for their wildebeest migrations and the town has been chosen by many tourists as a place to go on an African safari.

Loyangalani has many activities to offer its visitors, many of which can be self-guided or accompanied by a tour guide. Hiking is one of the main activities in Loyangalani, which starts from the Great Rift Valley Drive at the northern part of town and takes visitors through beautiful grasslands and mountain valleys. Some of the popular hiking routes include Serengeti Plains, Mt. Kenya, the Great Tredoubt and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Another great activity that can be done in Loyangalani is the trek to the Zimani Hills. This trekking route covers about 1500 kilometers of trekking which starts from the Great Rift Valley and takes visitors to the Zimani Mountains. The Zimani Hills provides the greatest variety of scenery in Kenya with serene lakes, alpine forests, grasslands and plateaus. The trek ends at Lake Nakuru where the trail for the Lake Nakuru-Uganda trek begins.

Besides hiking, another great activity to do in Loyangalani is to go to Lake Naivasha and explore the underwater world of this lake. This trekking trip also goes to the Southern Oasis. It is advisable to visit this area during the winter as it is completely ice-free. This trek is about seven kilometers long and after passing through a tunnel, you will reach Lake Naivasha.

If you want to have more adventure in your trip to Loyangalani, then you should also consider mountain biking. Bicycles are available for rent at various price ranges and levels of difficulty. There are also cars that can accommodate four or five people. These can be driven to the Lake Nakuru starting from the town of Mombasa.

While there are other activities that you can do in Loyangalani, the best is the trekking trip to the Great Rift Valley. You can choose either to go on this trek in your own car or you can take the lift ticket that is available from tour operators. This trip also involves camping at some sites in the Great Rift Valley. Camping in the Great Rift Valley is extremely popular with tourists from all over the world. There are many camping sites at the lake and surrounding areas where you can stay for a week or more.